What are the correct part numbers to suit my Raco Cookware?

There are different ranges under the Raco brand. The most common range would be the Classic. Older ranges include the Raco Susie-Ann, Elegance and Elite ranges.
Part Numbers to suit the Classic range:-

    RSP06 = Long Handle
    RSP13A = Knob
    RSP16A = Side Handle
Susie-Ann:- ( identified by a circular steam vent hole in Lid.)
    RSP06 = Long handle
    RSP13B= Modified knob to suit.
Elite = Parts are no longer available.

Elegance pre 2000 are same as Classic.

Elegance post 2001:-
    RSP06 = Long Handle
    ElEGKNB = knob
Gallery:- .
    GALLKNB - Knob to suit glass lid
    RSP208) knob to suit enamel coloured Lid
    RSP209) Disc for knob to suit enamel

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