Monthly Archives: July 2020

  1. Cookie Spiced Playdough

    Cookie Spiced Playdough


    Prep Time: 5 MINUTES

    Active Time: 5 MINUTES

    Cooling Time: 10 MINUTES

    Total Time: 20 MINUTES

    Difficulty: BEGINNER

    Estimated Cost: $5

    This cookie spiced playdough smells delicious, makes your hands smooth, is easy to make and fun to play with!


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  2. How to keep your non-stick pans performing like new

    How to keep your non-stick pans performing like new

    The number one benefit of a non-stick pan is that they make light work of cleaning up after cooking and reduce the need for the use of oil, making it a healthier choice for many.

    After investing your hard-earned money in a quality non-stick pan, you want to get the best out of your cookware, ensuring it will last for years to come. If your pan begins to stick after only a short time of use, read on for some great tips to bring it back to new again!


    The Nemesis of Non-stick

    Did you know that in most cases, non-stick pans stop performing not because of an issue with the non-stick, but due to overheating and a build-up of oil and residue in the pan?  It could explain why your food was gliding out of your non-stick pan just months ago, but now it seems that no matter what you do, it

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