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  1. Cast Aluminium. What is it all about?

    Cast Aluminium. What is it all about?

    Cast Aluminium

    Cast Aluminium is a type of cookware that is produced by pouring molten aluminium into a cast or mould to form the shape of the cookware.  This technique differs to traditional methods of machine shaped cookware.

    Aluminium is one of the most commonly used materials to manufacture cookware as it is a great conductor of heat, heating quickly and evenly, up to 16 times faster than stainless steel cookware.While this improved heat conductivity means less cooking times than using cast iron and stainless steel, aluminium cookware is also lighter meaning ease of use while cooking!

    Cast Aluminium is typically a heavier or thicker gauge of cookware that contains a non-stick coating with benefits including:

    1. Lightweight
    2. Great conductor of heat
    3. Oven safe
    4. Quick to cool
    5. Durable
    6. Won’t rust
    7. Easy to use

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  2. How to Make the Perfect Poached Eggs…Everytime!

    How to Make the Perfect Poached Eggs…Everytime!


    Recipe by Mei Ling


    I purchased the RACO Contemporary 4 Cup Egg Poacher over a year ago, but didn’t have the chance to use it until the recent lockdown. 

    I love poached eggs on toast but it’s always a struggle to get it right, from the correct ratio of vinegar and water to the way you put the eggs in the water, and then the occasional stirring. 

    With the RACO Egg Poacher, I can create the perfect poached eggs every time.

    How to use the RACO Contemporary 4 Cup Egg Poacher and RACO Bravo 5 Cup Egg Poacher to cre

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