Moving out of Home? These are the Cookware Sets You Need!

Moving out of home for the first time can be stressful when determining all the items you need to purchase for your new home within budget. To make this process easier for you, we’ve recommended some of our best cookware sets to deck out your kitchen!



This 3-piece set makes the perfect budget-friendly first home set, featuring three essential sized stainless-steel saucepans. It has soft grip handles made from stainless steel and silicone rubber and the lids made from tempered safety glass to help lock in flavours and nutrients.


This set includes:

  • 14cm/1.4L Covered Saucepan
  • 16cm/1.9L Covered Saucepan
  • 18cm/2.8L Covered Saucepan


RACO Contemporary cookware is dishwasher safe, oven safe to 200°C and suitable for all cooktops including induction. Constructed from a choice of high-quality stainless steel and non-stick, this cookware not only looks good but will perform for years to come, and comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!



Featuring generously sized saucepans, skillets, a stockpot, and a versatile stainless-steel steamer insert, this innovative stacking cookware set provides you with all the pieces you need when moving out, in just two short stacks. Interlocking handles keep the pans suspended to protect the non-stick surface, making it perfect for smaller living spaces such as apartments or kitchens with limited storage.


This set includes:

  • 16cm/1.9L Saucepan (with lid)
  • 20cm/3.8L Saucepan with helper handle (with lid)
  • 24cm/7.6L stockpot (with lid)
  • 22cm Skillet
  • 25cm Skillet
  • 30cm Skillet
  • 24cm Stainless Steel Steamer Insert


Anolon Smart Stack Cookware is dishwasher safe, oven safe to 180°C, and features shatter resistant glass lids as well as soft grip silicone. This set will stand the test of time and includes a lifetime warranty!



Circulon Momentum offers the best of both worlds featuring a long-lasting stainless-steel construction with Total® Non-stick interior, which is metal utensil safe due to it’s high-performance non-stick durability. This set offers four different sized saucepans for all your cooking needs, as well an open French skillet with tempered glass lids and silicone covered handles.


This set includes:

  • 14cm/0.9L Saucepan with spouts
  • 16cm/1.9L Covered Saucepan
  • 18cm/2.8L Covered Saucepan
  • 20cm/3.8L Covered Saucepan with two easy grip handles
  • 25cm/10" Open French Skillet


Circulon Momentum Cookware is suitable for all cooktops including induction, oven safe up to 200°C and dishwasher safe. To prolong the life of the non-stick surfaces, Circulon also offer a cleaning brush with a scraper head to thoroughly clean your pan! With a hassle free lifetime guarantee, this set is perfect for your first home.