RACO Perfect Pizza - Replacement Pizza Stone

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This pizza stone is designed to replace the ceramic pizza stone in your RACO Perfect Pizza Oven.

Instructions to replace Your Pizza Stone
1. Turn unit sideways and remove screw holding outside silver band.
2. Rotate unit and repeat on other side.
3. Remove outside silver ring.
4. Open the unit and remove the current pizza stone.
5. Place the new pizza stone.
6. Replace outside silver ring and screw tightly in place.

Cooking On The Pizza Stone
• Handle the pizza stone with care, avoid scratching the surfaces with metal utensils or with rough cloths or sponges when washing.
• Do not disassemble or remove the pizza stone for any reason other than using the instructions above.
• When using the pizza stone, food tends to become dark and with spots. This is normal.
• The pizza stone may present some cracks; this is normal and does not affect the proper operation of the appliance.
• Never wash the pizza stone. Clean the pizza stone with a cotton cloth.
• If the pizza sticks to the pizza stone remove any residue with a pizza paddle, taking care not to damage the pizza stone.
• For easier cleaning of the ceramic stone, it’s better to use “Parchment Paper” before baking the pizza on the ceramic stone.
• Do not cut pizza, focaccia or other foods directly on the pizza stone as it may cause damage.


Additional Info

Brand Raco
Type Sparepart
Material Ceramic
Cover No
Stovetop Suitability No
Dishwasher Safe No
Oven Temperature No