Must Haves in Your Bakeware Cupboard and Why

Must Haves in Your Bakeware Cupboard and Why

Versatility is important in your bakeware. Having pieces you can use for multiple purposes can cut down the clutter in your kitchen, saving storage space.

Our two must-have Anolon pieces are cookie trays, either with a shallow rim or flat without a rim and the rectangular baking tray.

The Anolon Ceramic Reinforced cookie trays are useful for both sweet and savoury baking. They can be used for oven fries, roast vegetables as well as scones and cookies. The Anolon Ceramic Reinforced Shallow 23 cm x 33cm baking tray is perfect for your roast dinners, but equally as useful for grandma’s favourite lemon slice.

The Anolon Ceramic Reinforced bakeware range is dishwasher safe and has a superior quality non-stick.



Our favourite items from the Raco Aerolift range are the 12 cup muffin pan and the 23cm Springform pan. Use the 12 cup muffin pan for both savoury and sweet baking. Our favourite sweets to bake are red velvet cupcakes and triple choc chip muffins, but also for on-the-go breakfast muffins and mini meatloaves.

The Springform pan is fantastic for ease of release for your traditional cheesecake, but can also be used for your Christmas fruitcake to feed the family! RACO Aerolift has a superb non-stick featuring the unique nonstick honeycomb Aerolift surface which is easy to clean and dishwasher safe


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