Loaf & Muffin Pans

What do Meat, Banana and Dates have in common? Why of course they are all baked in loaf pans and at Cookware Brands, we stock only the highest quality bakeware. Loaf pans are actually incredibly versatile as they can not only be used for hot baked dishes but also cold dishes such as layered ice-cream desserts or even a layered smoked salmon mousse terrines. Being made out of heavy gauged metal, they are extremely thermally efficient and can either be used in frozen or heated dishes.

Create scrumptious, mouth-watering muffin creations with Cookware Brand’s extensive range of muffin pans. With a variety of heavy gauged options to choose from, you’re sure to experience superior baking results. Whether you want to whip up a batch of blueberry muffins, or try out white chocolate and raspberry, our range makes it easy! Our muffin pans are highly versatile, also allowing for cooking of Yorkshire puddings and delicious mini cheesecakes.