The Benefits of Stainless Steel

The Benefits of Stainless Steel

Since introduced in the mid-20th century, stainless steel has been the material of choice in many industries and is yet to be overtaken. Stainless steel has made pivotal long-standing impacts on the culinary world and in the way we use cookware.

Let's break down why:


The Steel

Stainless steel is exactly that. Stainless, it is a hard form of steel that does not rust or stain over time. The metal is made from iron and carbon but with chromium elements. It is these elements that create this corrosion-free product.


Highly Durable

Some forms of stainless steel are said to be indestructible, this is why you may see features such as 'lasts a lifetime' on your cookware. Essteele’s Per Vita range uses 5 layers of material to construct the base of the pan for ultimate durability. Ensuring this cookware is passed down from generation to generation. The sturdy construction of RACO Contemporary includes the highest quality stainless steel made to endure the everyday family cooking environment.


Heat Distribution

Multi-ply stainless steel cookware creates an incredible cooking surface in terms of heat distribution. Essteele’s Per Sempre range is engineered by precisely bonding premium grade stainless steel on either side of a high-quality aluminium core that conducts heat rapidly and evenly throughout both the base and pan sidewall. Chefs are more inclined to use stainless steel when cooking food such as meat to ensure even cooking and professional, restaurant-quality results.


Easy to clean

Stainless steel is also easy to clean and maintain. Some stainless-steel cookware such as RACO’s Reliance can be safely and easily put in the dishwasher. The recommended method is to firstly ensure that your cookware has cooled before washing. Then, using a stiff nylon cleaning brush, or a mesh pad (not a scourer as this may scratch the surface), wash cookware thoroughly after use with mild dishwashing detergent and hot (not boiling) water to remove all traces of food or grease particles.



It is reassuring to know that stainless steel cookware is completely recyclable. This means if you do decide to discard your old cookware it can be melted down and salvaged for other means.


You can find premium stainless steel ranges from Essteele; Per Vita and Per Sempre both Italian engineered chef choice cookware.


Along with RACO’s Contemporary, Reliance and Luminescence all made to stand the test of a family home with features made to last a lifetime.

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