Kitchen Utensils

Cookware Brands stock an amazing selection of cooking utensils, including options from leading brands including Anolon, Cake Boss and Circulon. Whether you need to stir a risotto, crush a clove of garlic, whisk an egg, mash potatoes or remove lemon rind, we have a kitchen utensil that will get the job done. Our utensils are constructed from durable materials, including stainless steel, nylon and wooden options – just remember to remove them from the heat source when not in use.

  1. Silverstone Slotted Spoon Red
    Silverstone Slotted Spoon Red
    70% Off
    $3.95 RRP $14.95
  2. Essteele 33cm Slotted Wooden Spoon
    Essteele Accessories 33cm Slotted Spoon
    $19.95 RRP $19.95
  3. Essteele 33cm Wooden Pasta Fork
    Essteele Accessories 33cm Pasta Fork
    $19.95 RRP $19.95
  4. Circulon Cleaning Brush with Scraper Head
    Circulon Cleaning Brush with Scraper Head
    30% Off
    $13.95 RRP $19.95

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