Secure lid knobs are crucial for ensuring adequate safety in the kitchen, enabling lids to be safely lifted off pots and saucepans, while preventing injuries such as burns. If your saucepan lid knobs are loose or wobbly, it’s strongly recommended to replace them and to ensure safety is maintained. Fortunately, Cookware Brands stock an extensive range of replacement kitchen handles and lid knobs to restore safety. From steam vent knobs to spare lids with knobs attached, we stock options that are constructed from quality materials, including durable rubber, cast iron, and stainless steel.

  1. RACO Knob Assembly Complete
    RACO Knob Assembly Complete
    $15.00 RRP $15.00
  2. RACO Knob Assembly Modified
    RACO Knob Assembly Modified
    $15.00 RRP $15.00
  3. Meyer Select SS Knob Assembly
    Meyer Select SS Knob Assembly
    $11.00 RRP $11.00
  4. RACO Accessories Knob
    RACO Accessories Knob
    $3.95 RRP $3.95
  5. Prestige Cool Britannia Knob for Lid
    Prestige Cool Britannia Knob for Lid
    $3.00 RRP $3.00

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